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Full-time job vacancy as WordPress/PHP developer in Sfax

We are a software company in Sfax. Our main business is and we are looking for an employee who wants to help us with WordPress and general PHP development.

About you
-We need someone who can work 25-40 hours per week in Sfax.
-You are young and eager to improve your English.
-We are looking for a senior student or someone who has just graduated as a software engineer. Self-taught developers without a diploma may also apply.
-You know a bit about regex, since we play around a lot with .htaccess.
-You are familiar with PHP, WordPress, MySQL, Javascript, Jquery, HTML/CSS.
-Our customers are mostly American and European, so it is important that you can write basic English. It doesn’t have to perfect. If you can understand this text, then it is probably good enough. We have people who can read your draft emails, before sending them to a customer.

What you’ll do
-Most of the work is easy HTML/CSS/regex. We primarily need assistance with In the beginning you will receive a lot of help from our Tunisian co-founder.
-You may also work on new PHP projects, such as, and
-You can even have your own new project and work on it 1 day per week. Our philosophy is a bit like Google’s “20% time”: we start (and fail) many new projects. You have the freedom to work on them.

Why work for us?
-Your starting salary is in the range of 800-1200Tnd per month. We are a very profitable company, so there is a lot of room for a higher reward, depending on your performance.
-Work hours are very flexible. You can work from home or in the evening, as long as you work at the office at least 2 full days per week. (If you are still studying, then 1 day per week can work too)
-Your English will improve a lot, since one of your managers speaks perfect English.
-You will learn about SEO and how to deal with customers.

About us
-Our office is located at Route Gremda, Km4, Sfax
-Our co-founder is a Tunisian developer, who also works at the office in Sfax. You will be working together and under his supervision.

How does the application process work?
-You send us your C.V. (in French or English) and a motivation letter (in English) to [email protected]
-If we like your C.V., then you will get a simple task regarding WordPress development. You can do this at home.
-We invite you to the office in Sfax for an informal conversation. If everything is good, you get the job for 1 month. After the first month, we evaluate and decide if you can keep working for more months or years.

Comment postuler :
Please send a CV (in French or English) + motivation letter (in English) to [email protected]

Ville : Sfax
Nom / Entreprise : Allindev
Email : [email protected]
Adresse : Route gremda Km4 markez kammoun

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