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Azka Tech recrute

PHP Laravel Developer

Azkatech is looking for a Laravel Developer who has the technical ability to implement server side code written in PHP using Laravel framework.

Your main responsibility will be designing and implementing applications that are written in PHP, design and write and document RESTfull API and coordinate with the front-end developers to integrate the backend components.

Job Requirements:

High level of knowledge of PHP and the Laravel framework.

Experience in designing and implement RESTfull API and services

The ability to problem-solve and critically think.

Good understanding of the MVC pattern.

Understanding of SQL databases and specifically Mysql.

Good experience in HTML, CSS


Liaise with fellow backend and front-end developers.

Design and implement web applications that use the Laravel framework.

Implement server-side logic to process front inputs.

Identify and fix bugs that are found within code.

Interact with SQL databases.

Ensure all inputs going to a database have been parameterized.

Ensure the appropriate security standards have been implemented.

Ensure you’ve written unit test cases to verify code is performing as expected and to prevent possibly security breaches.

Create written documentation for the different components.

English is a must.

Open for Remote.

Highly motivated salary.

Comment postuler :

Please send your resume to

[email protected]


make [email protected]

as cc.

Ville :

Beirut, Lebanon

Nom / Entreprise :

Azka Tech

Email :

[email protected]

Adresse :

Beirut, Lebanon

Site Web :


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