Description: As a market gateways developer, you will be working within the TCC trading market gateways team and dealing with the electronic exchange, brokers, ECN and information platforms, such as Reuters RMDS.

Your overall responsibilities include:

  • Development, maintenance and support of market gateways components for order routing, over the counter trading, quoting and deal capture.
  • Building and maintaining relationships with market representatives.
  • Monitoring the functionality provided by the market as well as the technical and functional development plans for the market

Compétences :

  • A good knowledge of the C++ or Java programming language …
  • Familiarity with concepts and technologies like TCP/IP, UDP and Sockets
  • Experience in building gateways between software systems in general and any type of previous experience of electronic exchange systems or financial systems would be valuable but is not required.
  • Experience in agile development and project management is appreciated since it is an important part of our daily work.