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Oppot2unity is looking for

Data Scientist Machine Learning Engineer

Job Description

Your Responsibilities

• As data scientist you will translate business needs into technical solutions and develop advanced machine learning models for the analysis of large-scale and high-dimensional data. You will have direct impact on new and exciting AI solutions that will change

products and processes.

• You will design, develop and implement new, high-performance data science services together with your data science colleagues, which will help our colleagues to improve the experience of our customers.

• Generate ideas for AI-driven innovative products, digital services, and business models, and determine feasibility and value added in mixed teams with business & engineering experts.

• You are responsible for the implementation of our MLOps approach and bring in your experience in the context of software delivery processes.

• Work in innovative projects with our partners on topics such as continuous improvement and validation of AI models for e-mobility and automated driving.

• You will stay current with latest research and technology trends to build state of the art machine learning/deep learning models. You will review code written by others for critical feedback. You will be responsible for the modelling process from raw data to deployment ready model for production.

• Combine the strengths of information retrieval technologies with the power of modern machine learning models.

• Turn business requirements into working products – design, map, code, and refine your solutions.

• Support (embedded) SW developers in designing, building, deploying, testing, validating, and maintaining AI algorithms & ML models.

• Program in Java and Python, using a wide range of technologies and libraries such as Lucene, ElasticSearch, Maven, pandas, scikit, spacy, pyspark.

• Help improve existing products, analyze performance, and spot bugs and weaknesses.

• Deploy and maintain your services and machine learning models (MLOps).

• Coordinate work with other teams to make things happen (quality assurance, product management).

• You develop machine learning solutions and translate them into mircoservices. At the same time, you guarantee a high quality of service including the corresponding monitoring.

• Understanding of container technologies (such as Docker), and microservice architectures in the context of Big Data and experience in building CI/CD pipelines and Infrastructure as Code processes for cloud platforms (AWS or GC) is desirable

• You build data flows with relational and non-relational data using appropriate technologies in a hybrid cloud environment.

Must have:

• B.Sc., M.Sc. or Ph.D. in computer science or a related field.

• 4+ years of experience working as a Machine Learning Engineer, Data Engineer or in

a similar role with strong ML background.

• Experience in dealing with relational databases (especially SQL).

• Enthusiasm for the development and practical implementation of machine learning models in a productive environment.

• Experience building, deploying, and maintaining ML models in production.

• Experience with predictive modelling, machine learning and AI.

• Strong in programming languages like SQL, Python, R, and Scala

• Working knowledge of statistics, algebra and math.

• Experience with ML frameworks, python tools for data science and MLOps tools such as pytorch, TensorFlow, ModelDB, MLFlow and Kubeflow.

• Solid skills in programming with Python and ability to write efficient, well-tested code with a keen eye on maintainability.

• Experience with cloud based data pipelines optimized for Machine Learning applications, GCP is a plus.

• Proficient with Docker, Kubernetes, and Infrastructure as code (e.g. terraform).

• Excellent communication and teamwork skills.

• Familiar with workflow management platforms like Airflow or Argo Workflows.

• Familiar with best practices in the data engineering and MLOps community.

• You enjoy working in an agile team, like to get involved, think « out of the box » and are keen to tackle new topics.

• Knowledge at Google Cloud Platform, Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker, BigQuery, Apache Beam, Dataflow, Python, SQL, REST APIs, GraphQ.

• Basic knowledge at spark, Hadoop, and other Cloud-solutions. Knowledge in Data Modelling, DevOps, and agile SW development. Benefit: Cloudera Toolchain, Tableau, Spotfire, signal processing and data analysis of sensor data such as inertial or pressure sensor.

• English skills must be perfect, German skills are preferred.

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